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Customer Story: Milkweed Balm Helped My Pain Melt into the Background

After a serious accident left Tami Joca with two herniated discs in her lower back and three bulging in her neck, she was in constant pain. As a licensed massage therapist living in Titusville, Florida, Tami had to take a leave of absence from her job because she couldn't bear the pain. "I was desperate to get relief from the pain," she said. "I was in a twisted position at the steering wheel, so it caused damage to my nerve endings as well. I gripped the wheel so hard that it also caused my carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up."

While looking for relief, Tami came across the Milkweed Balm Facebook page. She was interested in trying the product, but because she was out of work, money was a concern. She was so happy when she received a free sample and immediately started using it. "I put it on my wrists, back, and neck, and I was amazed that my muscles seemed to relax for the first time in months," she said. "The pain just kind of melted into the background. I finally had peace."

Prior to finding Milkweed Balm, Tami tried everything from prescriptions to ointments, with little or no results. Many things actually irritated her skin, causing additional problems. Now, Milkweed Balm is her go-to remedy for pain relief. "I just received another order of a larger jar," Tami said. "I now use the balm on my knees when they ache and anywhere I get muscle spasms. I've also recommended it to many friends and co-workers."

Tami especially loves that Milkweed Balm is natural and doesn't hurt her skin. "The almost instant relief is worth every cent spent." Today, Tami is back working with clients and enjoys helping them feel better. She has a clear head because pain is no longer her focus.