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Debrah Gann: Can Focus On What She Enjoys Thanks To Milkweed Balm

With a Masters degree in Geology and an accomplished career in Environmental Science and Hydrogeology, Debrah Gann was enjoying life in Midland, Texas, alongside her husband of 45 years when a major health issue stopped her in her tracks. In December 2014, she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2A invasive ductal carcinoma triple positive. 

Debrah was treated with six chemotherapy treatments, a unilateral mastectomy,  33 radiation treatments and 12 Herceptin infusions. Fortunately, there was no lymph node involvement, but Debrah was left with painful side effects from the course of treatment. 

"My feet and hands were burned pretty bad after my 1st and then my 2nd chemo. I started using cold mitts and cold socks which helped them heal and prevented the chemo from further damage in my hands and feet. I've taken Advil for the discomfort at times and my orthopedic physician also gave me an injection in my thumb that helped for a while," said Debrah.

Still seeking relief from the pain in 2016, Debrah was introduced to Milkweed Balm through someone in her support group. She ordered a travel size, used it up, and realized how much it was helping her knees and hands. Milkweed Balm worked so well, Debrah used it on her back after breast reconstruction surgery and her restless legs. 

"I recommend Milkweed Balm to others often. It's easy to use, works fast, and the results are better than taking more pills from a doctor," said Debrah.

With the worst behind her and the pain under control, Debrah can focus once again on doing what she enjoys.