Depression and Chronic Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain, everyday living can become more difficult. You may find it hard to get comfortable, tackle chores, run errands, and sleep soundly. Constant pain and lack of sleep can make you more irritable, which can lead to other issues such as anxiety and depression. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your mental health even when pain seems to be playing center stage.

  1. Don't neglect how you are feeling. If you notice you're beginning to withdraw from others and social activities, talk to someone about it. Whether it's your spouse, a friend, or a counselor, take the time to connect with someone who will listen. 
  2. Find better ways of managing your pain. If medications and ointments aren't working, look for alternative solutions. Milkweed Balm is a natural product with anti-inflammatory ingredients. It gets to the source of pain without putting harmful chemicals in your body. Massage Milkweed Balm into painful areas to relieve symptoms. 
  3. Get out and move. Even though it might seem like moving will exacerbate your pain, you will find that gentle exercise will improve your pain and your mood. Take a walk, ride your bicycle, or work in your garden and you will instantly lift your spirits. Consult with your doctor about any restrictions you may have.
  4. Feed your body good food. Your diet can impact how your body fights inflammation. Choose foods that work to reduce it such as leafy greens, nuts, fatty fish, and healthy oils. When you eat well, you will feel better all around.
  5. Make an appointment with your doctor. You might be feeling a little down or you might have depression. Let your doctor know so he can treat you accordingly. If you are truly depressed, you may need to manage it with medication.

Pain is difficult to endure, especially when it's long term. You will likely need emotional support to get through it. Talk to someone today if you are feeling overwhelmed or sad so you can start living a happier, more fulfilling life.