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Fight Like a Girl: Breast Cancer Survivor Uses Milkweed Balm as Her Weapon

On October 1, 2015, Nancy Phillips will be a three year survivor of triple negative breast cancer. After beating the odds of this extremely aggressive form of breast cancer, Phillips feels fortunate. “I’ve been given a gift of awareness that our days are numbered. We don’t know the magic number, but I want to make the ones I have left the very best.”
While going through chemotherapy, Phillips created her own private Facebook page, Ciao Bella, to connect with other women who were seeking an outlet for candid, private discussions and support. Many of the women in Ciao Bella were complaining about the lingering bone pain caused by chemotherapy. Phillips learned about Milkweed Balm through one of her Ciao Bella connections.
“I started journaling when I began using it. I tried it on my right knee because years ago I had surgery on my left knee. I noticed three days later that my highly scientific method was working!” Phillips said. She then went on to use it for the nerves in her neck and shoulders with tremendous success. “I love it! I love the fact that I am not introducing any chemicals into my body.”

Phillips is now focusing on the quality of her life. She enjoys many activities that would have otherwise been too painful thanks to Milkweed Balm. “Part of the reason I’m doing as well as I’m doing is because I’ve got this magic little cream that I use, and it takes the pain away,” she said.