​Hope Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Pain associated with cancer often occurs when a tumor presses on nerves or when cancer cells invade bones or organs. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery can also cause pain. When you have something to alleviate the pain, you can start to focus on your life again.
The severity of pain ranges from person to person. It typically depends on the type of cancer, the stage or progression of the disease and each individual’s tolerance for pain. It can range from moderate and intermittent to severe and constant.
Typical treatment for cancer pain often comes in the form of oral medication; however, many people are seeking alternative treatments instead of putting more chemicals into their fragile bodies. Milkweed Balm, a topical solution, contains a blend of natural oils that can help ease pain, restore mobility and give hope to suffering patients.
Milkweed Balm has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that ease the discomfort associated with nerve pain by addressing the specific areas that hurt. When applied topically, nerves calm down and pain either decreases or is eliminated.
When you are facing the pain of cancer or treatment, there is enough to think about. Why add more stress and medication to your delicate condition? It’s time to explore something new that will actually nourish your skin and ease your pain. Milkweed Balm is the hope you’ve been looking for during this painful process. It’s time to start living again.