Long-lasting Relief with Milkweed Balm

Sheryl Welz of Monroe, Wisconsin, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Like many other cancer patients, Welz suffers from neuropathy from chemotherapy. With muscle spasms in her toes and feet and pain radiating up her leg, daily tasks are often challenging for Welz. After trying prescription medication and other supplements, Welz discovered Milkweed Balm on Facebook.

“Some results were instantaneous because my neuropathy was so intense. As soon as I started using it, I wasn’t waking up with muscle spasms anymore,” said Welz. Shopping and cooking have been difficult tasks for Welz in the past. Standing for hours intensified the pain. Welz now uses Milkweed Balm in the morning and evening to manage her pain and provide relief. She also applies Milkweed Balm as a preventive measure before heading out to shop during the day.

“Milkweed Balm works a lot better and lasts a lot longer than other products I’ve tried,” Welz explained. She has been using the product a few months and recommends it to other cancer patients. She has even taken some from her own jar to share with others so they could experience the results. 

Welz told her oncologist that she is done with putting chemicals into her body. She experienced too many side effects, like having a “fuzzy brain” with some of the medications she used for pain. Welz likes that Milkweed Balm is a natural product that works. “I really like Milkweed Balm. If you feel the pain, keep using it!”