​Milkweed for Men

Most women have tried thousands of products in their lifetime. There are lotions and potions, cleansers and creams, and tonics for just about everything we need. We care about our health and our skin, and we want the best of the best. The men in our lives deserve the best, too.
Some men enjoy trying new products, while others can’t be bothered. Many men shy away from using creams and oils because they think they are just for women. They don’t typically buy these items on their own, especially when there are so many products on the market.
When it comes to pain, however, both men and women want relief, and they want it fast. Milkweed Balm offers a safe and easy solution to pain. Headaches, sports injuries, arthritis, joint pain, and neuropathy can be decreased or eliminated with the natural oils derived from the milkweed plant. The anti-inflammatory properties in Milkweed Balm nourish the skin and rejuvenate the body, while diminishing the pain.
Studies show that pain affects men and women differently. It appears that hormones, psychology and culture may account for these differences. Women are thought to recover more quickly from pain, seek help for pain, and are less likely to let pain control their lives, while it appears men have a higher tolerance for pain. The jury is still out on which gender has the upper hand here; however, everyone can benefit from smart pain management.
Living with pain is no way to live. Roll on the Milkweed Balm and roll out the new you!