The Power of Positive Thinking

It’s a new year, and it is time for a new attitude. Worrying will not change the outcome. In fact, worrying causes additional stress on your body, which can interfere with the healing process. Positive thinking may not be able to cure cancer, but it will certainly help you lead a more fulfilling life during and after treatment.
There is safety in positivity. People want to hear that you are feeling strong, that you are not giving up hope and that you can beat the cancer. When you are positive about your health, it makes your loved ones feel safer about your life-threatening disease, even if you don’t. Pretty soon, you may start to believe it, too, because you have to believe in order to move forward. When you get up each day and express gratitude for just being alive, you begin to look at moments differently and appreciate life.
The first challenge in getting into a positive mindset is to feel physically well after treatment. If lingering pain is a problem, it will get in the way of positive thinking. Since chemo treatments often cause neuropathy, treat your physical pain with Milkweed Balm to naturally calm the nerves and provide relief. Once your pain is managed, you can think about working on your positive outlook.
No one knows for sure if positive thinking will result in a change with your health, but it’s worth taking the chance to find out. While tough times may lay ahead, if you can keep your focus on the good, perhaps the tough times will be a little bit easier.