Why Pain Bracelets May Not Work for You

As an alternative treatment to pain medication, magnetic bracelets were introduced to help with pain management. Proponents of magnetic therapy use static, unmoving magnets to help with blood flow, swelling and to promote healing. Many people purchase these bracelets with the hope of a solution for their pain, only to find they don’t really work. There is little evidence of such treatments being effective.
Since pain can affect the quality of your life, you need something that works. Most patients are hesitant to commit to oral medications that can become addicting or plague them with side effects. Many have taken too many medications for their illnesses and want to find an alternative that actually works.
The best kept secret for pain management can be found in a common plant called the milkweed. Recognized for its therapeutic effects, Milkweed Balm, made with milkweed seed oil, has anti-inflammatory agents that can decrease or eliminate pain. When you apply the balm directly to an area of pain, the response is quick. Nerves calm down and you begin to feel relief.
Patients with neuropathy and other pain apply Milkweed Balm twice a day for the best results. The ease of use and effectiveness of Milkweed Balm is superior to alternative treatments for pain relief on the market today. When there is a natural option for pain management with the added benefits of nourishing your skin, why look anywhere else?